For applications requiring multiple spools and larger quantities of optical fiber, M2 Optics offers a portfolio of rack-mount Fiber Lab solutions designed to organize and manage your fiber in the most efficient manner. Whether you are simulating optical performance in the lab, or deploying optical time delays to equalize link latency in the network, every Fiber Lab is 100% customized to your needs. Choose any optical fibers from leading manufacturers like Corning®, OFS®, and Prysmian® along with your desired lengths / delays and setup configurations, we'll do the rest.

Click to learn more about any Fiber Lab below or contact the M2 team and we'll help you determine the perfect solution for your next project.

Fiber Lab 3200 Network Simulator and Delay Spool Solution

 Fiber Lab 3200

  • Up to 320km of optical fiber in just 6RU
  • Choice of any/all types of standard, specialty, and ribbon fibers
  • Special configurations including longer continuous lengths (ex: 120km)
  • Most efficient approach for managing long fiber lengths / delays
Fiber Lab 3200R Network Simulator and Delay Spool Solution

 Fiber Lab 3200R

  • Similar features and setup configurations as FL 3200
  • Transparent front panel; terminations on rear panel
  • Optional, integrated LED lighting feature
  • Great for system demonstrations and trade shows
Fiber Lab Flex Network Simulator and Latency Spool Solution

 Fiber Lab Flex

  • Modular approach for maximum versatility in 6RU
  • Up to 300km; 3 module sizes
  • Highly efficient design saves significant rack space
  • Add modules or re-configure your setup as needs change
Fiber Lab Flex DC Optical Time Delay Spool Solution

 Fiber Lab Flex DC

  • Patent-pending; offers up to 144 optical time delays in 3RU
  • Designed specifically for high-density time delay applications
  • Equalize link latency or synchronize signal timing will saving space
Fiber Lab Tri-Flex Modular Optical Spool Solution

 Fiber Lab Tri-Flex

  • Up to 80km of optical fiber via 1, 2, or 3 modules
  • All optical fiber types for portable/desktop use
  • Modules interchangeable with Flex rack chassis 
Fiber Lab 750 Network Simulator and Delay Spool Solution

Fiber Lab 750

  • Offers up to 170km as many as 48 individual lengths / delays
  • Many possible setup configurations
  • 3RU, provides perfect blend of fiber quantity and space savings
FL 250 HD Resized transparent

Fiber Lab 250 / 250HD

  • 1RU chassis offers up to 30km or 48 shorter lengths / delays
  • Space-saving 1RU chassis
  • Great for both data center and test lab applications