For fiber networks with multiple spools of optical fiber, M2 Optics offers an array of rack mount fiber solutions. Each solution is built for network simulation and latency in mind to make your network run as efficiently as possible. Our solutions can be customized accordingly depending on how many spools are needed, fiber types, fiber lengths, and connector type.  If you are unsure which rack mount enclosure would best suit your network requirements, our engineering team can recommend the best solution.

Fiber Lab supports multi-spool networks with a variety of rack mount enclosures:

 M2 Optics, Inc Fiber Lab 3200


  Fiber Lab 3200

  • Offers up to 320km of optical fiber
  • All optical fiber types and custom lengths
  • Multiple individual and/or continuous lengths


  Fiber Lab 3200R

  • Similar capabilities as FL3200
  • Transparent front panel; terminations on back
  • Optional, integrated LED lighting feature
 M2 Optics, Inc Fiber Lab Flex


  Fiber Lab Flex

  • Modular approach for maximum versatility
  • Offers up to 10 individual fiber lengths
  • Re-configure, add, or mix fibers as required


LGX-XL - crop  

  Fiber Lab Flex DC

  • Up to 144 optical time delays in 3RU
  • Ensures meeting SLAs and MIFID compliance
  • Modular and scalable for easy deployment
 M2 Optics, Inc Tri-Flex


  Fiber Lab Tri-Flex

  • Up to 80km of fiber via 1, 2, or 3 modules
  • All optical fiber types for portable/desktop use
  • Modules interchangeable with Flex rack chassis 

 IMG_8600 (1).png


 Fiber Lab 750

  • Offers up to 170km
  • All optical fiber types and configurations
  • Space-saving, 3RU rack chassis
 FL 250 HD Resized transparent-1


 Fiber Lab 250/250HD

  • Up to 25km total or 24 short lengths / delays
  • Space-saving 1RU chassis
  • Ideal for both data centers and test labs