Maintaining the physical fiber network infrastructure is a challenge for every service provider and a broken fiber or cable is one of the most detrimental issues that can occur.  Whether accidental or malicious, broken fibers often lead to hours of downtime and high repair costs which increase as time passes until resolution.

By investing in a fiber monitoring system from M2 Optics, fiber issues are identified in a matter of seconds not hours, enabling service teams to quickly address and resolve the problem.  

Save Time and Money monitoring Critical Fiber Links

When evaluating fiber monitoring systems, the ideal solution at a high level should offer:

  • Instant detection and reporting of fiber issues - accidental breaks, malicious cuts and intrusions, excess signal loss, etc.
  • Minimal rack space usage - saving RUs allows for more network devices and revenue-generating gear in the rack
  • Simple installation and management - monitor the network sooner while easily making changes only when needed

The all-in-one integrated fiber monitoring system offered by M2 Optics is designed to be quickly deployed into any system while saving significant rack space and hardware costs compared to other legacy modular approaches.  When you are ready to take the next step towards maximizing uptime and reducing labor costs and truck rolls, contact the M2 team for more information or a live online demo.

Minimize fiber monitoring costs, everything is integrated into a single chassis for fast deployment to cover your links.
  • Monitors up to 64 fibers in just 1RU
  • Instantly detects fiber cuts, tampering, intrusions, and more
  • Dark fiber and/or active fibers up to 160km in distance
  • Integrated - OTDR, 1xN switch, power and software in single device

For technical information. pricing, or to view a Live Online Demonstration, contact the M2 team today.