Maintaining a reliable optical network is hard work, but vitally important for ensuring the best performance and service to end users, whether it's FTTH or used internally.  For many service providers, both time and qualified staffing resources for properly maintaining the fiber network are often limited, so utilizing devices that result in greater efficiency can make a significant and positive impact on the bottom line. 

M2 Optics is committed to helping service providers and network engineers maintain the most efficient fiber optic network possible with network maintenance solutions that are customized to maintain your specific network needs.

Optimize Laser Transmitter Performance

Optical Modulation Index (OMI) is a key variable in determining the optimal point at which a laser will provide the best performance.  The FOS 1000A is the only instrument available that automatically measures OMI of a laser, allowing for optimization in just a matter of minutes.


  FOS 1000A OMI Instrument

  • Optimizes laser transmitter performance in minutes
  • Saves time and money for CATV operators
  • Useful for transmitter setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting

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Monitor Important Fiber Routes

To ensure the integrity of an optical network, having the ability to monitor the physical fibers in the field is important, as issues like breaks, intrusion attempts, or degrading connections can affect the flow of important data.  By using a remote fiber testing system (RFTS) like the FM100, monitoring network both dark and lit fibers across the network can be accomplished cost-effectively with minimal resources.


  Fiber Monitoring System

  • 24/7 monitoring of lit and dark network fibers
  • Detects breaks, intrusion attempts, and other issues

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The engineers at M2 Optics are available to help you design your custom fiber network maintenance solution. Get started today.