Testing and Certifying Optical Transceivers Has Never Been Easier

Custom fiber network and latency simulator for transceiver and data center link testing

Customize a Ribbon Fiber Solution:

  • Exactly replicates multi-fiber link/span performance and latency
  • Precision lengths of all ribbon fiber types and brands
  • Available in any portable or rack-mount Fiber Lab enclosure
  • Saves space while improving fiber use and management
  • Ensures accurate and consistent results
  • Supports 100G, 400G, 800G and beyond

Available in any all Fiber Lab enclosure styles, M2 provides precision lengths of spooled multi-fiber ribbon cable in the most efficient and user-friendly format when needing to accurately replicate full-length spans and links when testing, certifying, or troubleshooting transceiver optics or other MPO-connected devices.

Customized to exact specifications including fiber types and lengths (by distance or delay value), each Fiber Lab MPO solution delivers immediate user benefits along with enhancing testing capabilities.

Example Applications:

  • Accurate Network Span & Link Simulation for 100G, 400G, and 800G applications
  • Testing and Certifying Optical Transceiver Performance
  • Demonstrating Optical Transceivers and Data Center Systems
  • Fiber latency testing and optical time delay deployment

When you are ready to begin specifying a solution for your testing and certification needs, contact M2 Optics or an authorized partner for more information.