Fiber Lab - The Trusted Solution

Customized Fiber Lab solutions are designed to provide the most efficient, hassle-free way to use and manage spools of optical fiber for accurately simulating field network spans and links or deploying optical time delays. Offering precision lengths of all fiber types available from leading global manufacturers and a complete portfolio of rack-mount and portable packaging styles, Fiber Labs will support any application requirement. Each Fiber Lab unit is built to your exact specifications, maximizing the value of your fiber investment.

Standard Optical Fiber Test & Latency Boxes

Rack mount fiber optic network simulation and latency solutions with custom lengths of Corning, OFS, Prysmian, and Sumitomo fibers


Rack-mount, Multi-Spool Network Simulation and Latency Solutions 

  • Custom lengths of optical fiber up to 320km per unit
  • Multiple spool enclosure styles from 1RU to 6RU save rack space
  • The most efficient approach for managing multiple spools of fiber
Portable fiber optic network simulation and latency solutions with custom lengths of Corning, OFS, Prysmian, and Sumitomo fibers


Portable, Single Spool Network Simulation and Latency Solutions

  • Custom lengths of optical fiber up to 80km
  • Portable, easier handling for lab use and demonstrations
  • Enclosure designs for Corning®, OFS©, Prysmian®, and Sumitomo® fibers



Specialty Optical Fiber Test & Latency Boxes

Custom specialty optical fibers and enclosures for test and latency


Ribbon Fiber Testing and Latency Solutions (MPO)

  • Custom MPO ribbon cable length configurations
  • Easily test and certify gigabit transceivers and optics
  • Simulate or equalize multi-fiber data center links
  • Available in any Fiber Lab enclosure
Custom network and event simulators for OTDR and fiber optic training


OTDR Training & Demonstration Solutions

  • Fiber event simulators with multiple spools to over 100km per unit
  • Includes good/bad splices, 1xN splitters and reflective connectors
  • Standard setup configurations or customized to your training needs
  • Ideal for OTDR and other fiber optic device training & demos
Custom Dispersion Compensating Fiber (DCF) solutions


Dispersion Compensating Fiber Solutions

  • Dispersion compensation for G.652 single mode fibers
  • Compensate for any fiber lengths up to 120km per spool
  • Dispersion-compensated optical time delays available

OTDR Launch Fibers

Custom OTDR launch fiber module with case

OTDR Launch Fiber Boxes and Cables

  • Launch cables for any type of OTDR
  • All optical fiber types and lengths up to 2km
  • Rugged design with bulkhead or pass-through interfaces 
  • Handheld modules and pelican-style cases

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