Simulate Fiber Networks & Latency Efficiently

In test laboratories, optical fiber spools are essential for accurately simulating fiber networks when developing, testing, certifying, and demonstrating devices.  Using actual lengths of fiber is the only proven way to precisely replicate optical performance characteristics and latency values to ensure that key engineering and system objectives will be met.

Since bare optical fiber on factory spools is unprotected, difficult to manage, and not often delivered in the desired lengths a user requires, M2 Optics helps engineering teams overcome these challenges in the most efficient and professional manner.

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Fiber Lab

The Fiber Lab portfolio has been designed by optical engineers to offer the most reliable, user-friendly, and value-driven approach for anyone requiring optical fibers for network and latency simulation applications. Completely customized to each user's specific needs in terms of fiber types and configurations, these solutions accurately replicate virtually any fiber network span while ensuring consistent performance results in the most efficient manner.

From needing to simulate complete submarine fiber links that include thousands of kilometers of G.654 fiber to requiring a single portable spool with a few hundred meters of OM3 fiber, every Fiber Lab offers numerous and immediate benefits.

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Showcase lengths of optical fiber for network/ latency simulation testing and demos using Fiber Lab 3200R.
 Efficient rack-mount; short & medium distances optical fiber network and link simulation application using Fiber Lab 750.
Efficiently spooled multi-fiber, jacketed cable for testing and latency using Fiber Lab MPO.
Rack-mount; Long Lengths Rack-mount; Short and Long Lengths Portable; Short & Long Lengths

Customized to Deliver Maximum Value for You:
  • All fiber types and brands from leading manufacturers like Corning®, OFS®, and Prysmian®.
  • Precise fiber lengths by distance or delay value
  • All connector types, along with MPO for ribbon fiber configurations 
  • Wide range of rack-mount, portable, and modular enclosure styles

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