Simulate Fiber Networks Efficiently

In test laboratories, optical fiber spools are a necessity for engineers that are challenged with simulating fiber networks for a number of different applications. Network equipment manufacturers must simulate field networks when developing, testing, and demonstrating their devices.  Service providers and data centers also seek to simulate fiber links to certify that systems and optics will operate as intended in the field or to evaluate gear they are considering acquiring from vendors.

Since bare optical fiber on a factory-standard spools is not easy to work with, organize, and is not typically delivered in lengths specified for each user's applications, a common engineering question is:

"How can I acquire, manage, and use optical fiber in the most efficient manner while achieving consistent and accurate performance results?"

The Solution: Fiber Lab

The array of solutions in the Fiber Lab portfolio from M2 Optics have been designed to offer the most professional solution approach for anyone requiring optical fibers for network and link simulation applications. Fully-customized to every user's specific requirements, these platforms exactly simulate field networks and links, while ensuring consistent performance and organizing valuable fiber in the most efficient manner.

Whether you require a rack-mount setup with hundred of kilometers of fiber and/or a number of varying distances, or a single portable spool for a bench top application, there is a solution to meet your needs.

A few examples:

FL3200R_Enclosure IMG_8600 (1) Fiber Lab MPO Portable MM
Long Haul - Rack Regional/Long Haul - Rack Data Center - Portable

When specifying a Fiber Lab, every user has the choice of:

  • Fiber Types
  • Fiber Lengths
  • Connector Types 
  • Enclosure Types

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