Both traditional fiber optic adapters and cable feedthrough adapters are available from M2 Optics for use in a variety of communications systems and devices.

Designed to minimize insertion and signal loss, standard fiber optic bulkhead adapters are constructed with ceramic sleeves and house in plastic or metal shells, guaranteeing long-term performance and reliability.

For those seeking to eliminate a connection point on a panel, the patented FT Adapter offers a new approach that offers built-in strain relief while complimenting the look of traditional fiber optic adapters.  In addition, it fits into the popular SC cutout for easy integration into existing panel layouts.

Cable adaptors that  identify the connector type while eliminating the connection point and loss.

    Fiber Optic Bulkhead Adapters 

  • Standard and hybrid types
  • Ceramic sleeve for best performance
  • LC, SC, FC, and ST
  • Clip or screw attach; flange or no flange
Fiber Optic Cable Feedthrough Adapters     Fiber Optic Cable Feedthrough Adapters 
  • FT Adapter eliminates connection/mating point
  • Similar look to traditional adapters
  • Patented with built-in strain relief


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