Having the right fiber optic components are important for keeping your fiber optics network reliable and working correctly. 


Fiber optic attenuators from M2 Optics help to reduce light signal amplitude and still keeping the wave form. Usually it’s required in DWDM applications when the receiver cannot accept the signal generated from a high-power light source. 


We also offer patch cables for single mode and multimode fiber in custom lengths for use with a variety of connectors for premium performance.  


M2 Optics offers a variety of fiber optic attenuators, patch cords, and adapters to fully customize your PON

Fiber Optic Attenuators


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  • High performance
  • 1-30dB attenuation range
  • SC/FC/ST/LC with any polish

Fiber Patch Cords for 100G Applications

OM4 Fiber Patch Cords          

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  • Single mode, OM3, OM4 optical fibers
  • MTP, LC, and other connectors
  • Premium performance

Fiber Patch Cords for Standard Applications

Standard Patch Cords & Pigtails

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  • Available in common or custom lengths
  • LC/SC/FC/ST/E2000 connectors with any polish
  • High return loss; low insertion loss

Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cords

Armored Patch Cords

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  • Extra Kevlar protection
  • Crush-resistant cord layer
  • All common lengths and connector types

Fiber Optic Adapters

Fiber Optic Adapters / Mating Sleeves

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  • Standard any hybrid types available
  • High quality plastic or metal exterior
  • Pass-Through types available