Optical time delays, also known as fiber delay lines, are critical in today's advanced fiber optic communications networks and systems for signal timing and latency-driven applications. When requiring optical time delays in the data center and network environments or in the laboratory for test applications, the Fiber Lab portfolio from M2 Optics offers customized high-precision delays via an array of efficient packaging formats.

Precision Optical Time Delays for Timing-Driven Applications

Data centers can easily install and manage optical time delays for latency-driven applications using Fiber Lab Flex DC.

High Density Optical Time Delays

  • 144 sub-nanosecond delays in 3RU (patent-pending)
  • Quickly add or modify link equalization and system timing changes
  • Ideal for data centers, HFT / financial trading, and high fiber counts 
Showcase lengths of optical fiber for network/ latency simulation testing and demos using Fiber Lab 3200R.

Rack-mount; Long Time Delays

  • 3RU and 6RU chassis for longer delays (ex: 4x400us)
  • Pre-built and modular rack setup styles
  • Equalize long-haul links coming into a data center facility
Maximize space while simulating fiber optic links or deploying high precision optical time delays using Fiber Lab 250.

Rack-mount; Short / Medium Time Delays

  • 1RU and 3RU chassis for shorter delays (ex: 24x1.5us or 2x50us)
  • Pre-built and modular rack setup styles
  • Saves significant rack space while simplifying deployment
Compact, handheld solution to pair with any OTDR for eliminating the "dead zone" at the beginning of a fiber cable test.

Portable and Modular Time Delays

  • Single delay line, desktop and handheld modules
  • Any/all delay values up to 300us per unit
  • Designed for test setups, system demos, and in-system/device integration
Dispersion Compensated Fiber Delays for RF over Fiber (RFoF)

Specialized Optical Time Delay Solutions

  • Dispersion Compensated Fiber Delays for RF over Fiber (RFoF)
  • More in development for 2022

Optical Time Delays for Networks & Data Centers

For network and data center engineering teams, Fiber Lab is ideal for:

  • Signal timing and link equalization across multiple fibers
  • System and device synchronization
  • Altering service performance speeds
  • Meeting SLAs and industry standards (MiFID)

Optical Time Delays for Test Lab Applications

For test engineers in the lab, Fiber Lab is ideal for:

  • Accurately simulating expected delays in a field network or between sites
  • R&D and certification testing of network devices during design and pre-deployment phases

Learn More - You Specify, M2 Builds

At M2 the words "off the shelf" do not exist - all optical time delay solutions are custom manufactured to your exact needs.  Time delays can be specified and provided in any measurement value for your project - picoseconds, nanoseconds, microseconds, or millisecond increments. Globally, Fiber Lab is the trusted choice by engineers as they provide the most efficient approach for deploying, using, and managing delays while achieving maximum performance.

Simply specify your solution by providing the fiber type, delay values, and preferred enclosure format, and M2 will build it to your specific requirements.

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