Optical time delays, also known as fiber delay lines, are essential for signal timing and other latency-driven applications in today's advanced fiber optic networks and data centers. The Fiber Lab portfolio from M2 Optics offers customized, high-precision delays available in a range of rack-mount and portable enclosure solutions that deliver maximum space efficiency for easy installation and connectivity. 

Precision Optical Time Delays for Latency & Timing Applications

Fiber Lab Flex DC - Optical time delay rack enclosure solution for latency applications in data centers


High-Density Optical Time Delays

  • 144 sub-nanosecond delays in 3RU (patent-pending)
  • Quickly add or modify link equalization and system timing changes
  • Ideal for data centers, HFT / trading exchanges, and high fiber counts 
Showcase lengths of optical fiber for network/ latency simulation testing and demos using Fiber Lab 3200R.


Rack-mount; Long Time Delays

  • 3RU and 6RU chassis for longer delays (ex: 4x400us)
  • Pre-built and modular rack setup styles
  • Equalize long-haul links coming into a data center facility
Fiber Lab 250 - 1RU rack chassis with up to 24 optical time delays


Rack-mount; Short / Medium Time Delays

  • 1RU and 3RU chassis for shorter delays (ex: 24x1.5us or 2x50us)
  • Pre-built and modular rack setup styles
  • Saves significant rack space; easy installation and management
Portable and modular fiber delay lines


Portable and Modular Time Delays

  • Fiber delays in portable and handheld modules
  • Any/all delay values up to 300us per unit
  • Designed for test setups, system demos, and in-system/device integration
Dispersion Compensated Fiber Delays for RF over Fiber (RFoF)


Specialized Time Delay Solutions

  • Dispersion-compensated optical time delays
  • Integrated SMF and DCF to specific delay values for RF over Fiber (RFoF) testing

Fiber Lab - Essential Data Center Applications

  • Signal timing and link equalization across multiple fibers
  • System and device performance synchronization
  • Altering or modifying transmission service speeds
  • Meeting SLAs and industry standards (MiFID)

Fiber Lab - Accurate Latency Simulation Test Lab Applications

  • Accurately replicating expected span and link delays for proposed or existing fiber routes
  • Network device performance testing and certification during design and pre-deployment phases