Optical time delays, also known simply as delay lines, are a critical component in today's advanced fiber optic communications networks and test laboratories. When requiring optical time delays in the data center or network environment, or in the test laboratory for latency-driven applications, the Fiber Lab portfolio from M2 Optics offers highly precise fiber optics time delays through an array of efficient and professional packaging formats.

Rack Mount and Portable Optical Time Delay Equipment

FL3200R_Enclosure Rack-mount; Long Time Delays
Ex: 4 x 390us delays, 1 x 1560us delay
FL 250 HD Resized transparent-1 Rack-mount; Short and Medium Delays
Ex: 24 x 1.5us delays, 2 x 50us delays, or 1 x 120us delay
Sidekick Plus v3

Portable/Module; Short and Medium Delays
Ex:  1x30us delay, 2 x 10us delays

RFoF Equipment

Dispersion Compensated Delays with RFoF


Flex DC Render 1 (1)

Customized Precision Delays
Ex: Up to 144 precise, fully customized delays in 3RU 


Optical Time Delays in Network/Data Center Environments

For network and data center engineering teams, optical time delays are absolutely necessary for applications that include 

  • Signal timing and equalization across multiple fibers/links
  • System synchronization
  • Altering service speeds

Optical Time Delays in the Lab Environment

For test engineers in the lab, optical time delays are required to:

  • Accurately simulate expected delays in a field network
  • R&D and certification testing of the latency of devices and systems

With Fiber Lab, time delays can be simulated in nanoseconds, microseconds, or millisecond increments for an application in the data center or lab. Around the world, Fiber Lab is the trusted choice for time delays that require maximum performance and hassle-free deployment. By supplying custom fiber platforms that allow the user to choose their fiber, time delay values, and enclosure type, M2 ensures that each user receives the perfect solution for their individual needs.

M2 offers both rack mount fiber and portable time delay options, as well as dispersion compensating time delays. Contact our team to start designing your custom solution today.