Custom Fiber Optic Solutions for All Entities

For over 20 years, M2 has been designing and manufacturing customized optical fiber solutions for entities spanning a wide range of industries and sectors. Serving as a trusted partner focused on helping people solve challenges and achieve their goals, M2 provides value-driven products and services along with extensive fiber expertise and specialized technology capabilities. Regardless of the market space, M2 has you covered.

Fiber Optic Network Equipment Manufacturer Icon Fiber Network Equipment Manufacturers View Solutions for NEMs
Fiber Optic Telecom and Internet Service Icon Telecom, CATV, and Regional ISPs View Solutions for ISPs
Web Services Icon Online Content and Streaming Video View Solutions for Online Content and Streaming Video
Fiber Optic Data Center and Cloud Service Icon Data Center and Cloud Services View Solutions for Data Centers and Cloud
Fiber Optic Aerospace and Defense Icon Aerospace and Defense View Solutions for Aerospace and Defense
Fiber Optic Financial Trading and Banking Icon Financial Trading and Banking View Solutions for HFT, Exchanges, and Banks
Fiber Optic Energy and Utilities Icon Utilities (Electric, gas, oil, water)  View Solutions for Utilities
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Wireless and Mobile/Tower Backhaul

View Solutions for Wireless
Fiber Optic Subsea and Submarine Networks Icon Subsea and Submarine View Solutions for Subsea and Submarine
Fiber Optic Satellite and Radar Icon Satellite & Radar View Solutions for Satellite & Radar
Fiber Optic Energy University and Research Icon Universities and Research View Solutions for Universities and Research 
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Medical and Healthcare View Solutions for Medical, Healthcare, and Hospital
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Network Construction and Installation View Solutions for Network Construction and Installation