Customized Fiber Optic Solutions for Universities & Research Institutions

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Fiber optic communications technology is prevalent across the campuses of universities and research institutions around the world, as there are several important application areas in which optical fiber plays an essential role and/or is utilized:

  • Campus: IT & telecom teams maintaining fiber networks that support faculty and student communications
  • Learning: Fiber optics and photonics courses taught to science and engineering students
  • Research: Fiber-based communications projects, innovation initiatives, new product design & prototyping
  • Job Training: University-supported and hosted fiber optic technician training classes

With a reliance on fiber optic networks and access optical fibers being so important for university operations, learning, and research initiatives, M2 Optics offers several valuable solutions that elevate university communications operations, learning, and research initiatives.

Optical fibers and custom fiber optic network and latency simulators for university and research institution projects and courses

Optical Fibers & Fiber Optic Network Simulators

  • Acquire any type of optical fiber for research, testing, or demonstrations
  • Receive precise fiber lengths by distance or delay value
  • Customized setup configurations in efficient enclosures
  • Test and certify network gear (IT teams), replicate optical span performance and latency (teaching, research, training), and more
Fiber optic network and event simulator for OTDR training for field technician and university training courses

Fiber Optic Training / OTDR Training Simulators

  • Supports fiber optic technician training classes and course learning
  • Customized to meet the training needs or course curriculum
  • Portable and easy to use in classrooms and conference centers
  • Utilized by FOA-approved instructors and other training entities
Fiber Monitoring Systems for detecting fiber breaks in university and research institution campus networks

Fiber Monitoring Systems

  • 24/7 automated monitoring of campus network fibers
  • Instantly detects and locates fiber breaks and tampering
  • Saves hours of expensive labor time and costs
  • Easy to install and maximizes network uptime
Specialty optical fibers and components for university and research institution projects

Specialty Optical Fibers & Components

  • PM, hollow core, dispersion compensating, and other fibers
  • Customized fiber lengths and fiber components
  • Variety of packaging formats

3D Design, Printing, and Prototyping Services for University and Research Institution Projects

Advanced 3D Design and Printing Services

  • Complete design, prototyping, and printing service capabilities
  • Experienced designers using the latest 3D technology and tools
  • Supports university and research projects, initiatives, and innovation
  • Utilized by leading global engineering university and research institutions