M2 Optics offers several useful reference tools from simulating fiber networks to calculating fiber latency, and what type of optical fiber to buy. Download our free white papers or latency calculator today.

Free Downloadable White Papers

Free Downloadable Calculators

Fiber Buyer's Guide

Data Sheets

Below are downloadable data sheets for all of products and solutions. If you have questions or would like more information on a specific product or solution, please contact our office at 919-342-5619 or fill out our form.

Network Simulation & Optical Time Delay

Rack Mount Enclosures

Fiber Lab 3200

Fiber Lab 3200R

Fiber Lab Flex

Fiber Lab Flex DC

Fiber Lab Tri-Flex

Fiber Lab 750

Fiber Lab 250/250HD

Portable Solutions

Fiber Lab 800

Fiber Lab 1600

Fiber Lab MPO

OTDR Training & Demonstration

Fiber Lab MSP

Fiber Lab 800HE


Sidekick Plus 

Fiber Monitoring

Fiber Monitoring System

OMI Devices

FOS 1000A

FOS 1200A


Armored Patch Cables

Fixed Attenuators

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