Live Fiber Identifiers

Tells whether the live signal is being sent through the fiber and lets you know the direction of the traffic.When problems arise and you are unsure what the issue is, an Optical Fiber Identifier from M2 Optics is a useful device that tells you whether the live signal is being sent through the fiber or not. These devices also let you know the direction of the traffic. Optical fiber identifiers are important tools for technicians to carry. They also help to ensure that live fibers have not become disconnected, and allow technicians the ability to trace the fibers from end to end. 

This rugged and easy to use handheld device detects optical signal traffic at 270Hz, 1kHz, and 2kHz frequencies in single mode fibers from 900nm to 1700nm, with cable jacket diameters of 0.25mm, 0.9mm, and 3mm. By not disrupting traffic on that fiber, the identifier allows technicians to unquestionably identify a specific fiber and eliminate the risk of an accidental disruption of revenue-generating or critical communications services.

As an added value, this device offers the option to include a 10mW visual fault locator, further enhancing the user's capabilities when testing and evaluating fiber cables. 

For additional technical specifications and pricing, contact our team. We can recommend the best fiber identifying solution for you, or answer any questions you have about optical fiber identification.