Maximize Your Fiber Optic Training experience 

Designed to benefit instructors and students, M2's portable Fiber Lab solutions immediately enhance any fiber optic training environment by providing complete network spans and events in the most efficient, user-friendly formats. Accurately replicating a real-world network experience in the classroom has never been easier, offering no-hassle setups that help technicians build the necessary skills they will need in the field to effectively test and troubleshoot fiber optic networks.  

Great for OTDR training and other test device training including power meters and OLTS, the portfolio includes a solution for every training objective. Point-to-point (P2P), PON / FTTH, Cell Tower, Metro, and Long Distance Regional fiber spans are all available, while every Fiber Lab solution can be customized to match specific training needs, delivering maximum value in every scenario.

Fiber Lab MSP Max Long Distance Fiber Optic Network & PON Simulator for OTDR Training

Fiber Lab MSP Max

  • Multiple long-distance fiber lengths; over 100km per unit
  • Travel case ensures easy transport, setup, and use
  • Customized to specification with P2P or PON/FTTH spans
  • Great for test labs, fiber optic training, and device sales demonstrations


Fiber Lab MSP Network and Event Simulator for OTDR Training

Fiber Lab MSP

  • Simulates P2P, PON/FTTx, and Cell Tower spans in a single unit
  • Over 40km of fiber via numerous spools of varying lengths
  • Integrated fiber events - 1xN splitters, splices, connectors, and more
  • Rugged, efficient compact carrying case 




Fiber Lab MSP Mini network and event simulator for OTDR training

Fiber Lab MSP Mini

  • 2km of fiber; 4 each 500m lengths (standard configuration)
  • Each length includes a single common fiber event
  • Small, handheld carrying case
  • Customized configurations available
Sidekick Plus Network and PON Simulator Module for Fiber Optic Training

Sidekick Plus

  • Provides a single P2P fiber length to 5km
  • User-specified setup with in-line fiber events (ex: splices, connector, fiber mismatch)
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum handheld module

Specify Your Custom Fiber Optic Training Solution

For pricing, additional technical information, or to discuss a customized solution for your exact fiber optic training needs, contact M2 Optics or an authorized regional sales partner today.