Portable Fiber Link and Event Simulators

Expand your capabilities while simplifying your setup when requiring optical fibers and network components for both classroom training and device demonstrations with M2's advanced network link and event simulators.

Eliminating the hassle of managing and transporting multiple items (fiber spools, splitters, extra cables, etc), both the portable Fiber Lab MSP and Sidekick Plus platforms provide an all-in-one, integrated solution approach that make fiber optic device training and demonstrations easy.

Whether you are training a classroom of technicians to use an OTDR or you require a portable solution for a sales demonstration the next trade show or customer visit when demonstrating an OTDR, these solutions are proven to add immediate value to your operations.

OTDR Training & Demonstration Solutions, Fiber Lab MSP


Fiber Lab MSP

  • Simulates P2P, PON/FTTx, and Cell Tower spans in a single unit
  • Over 20km of fiber via multiple spools of varying lengths
  • Includes multiple fiber events - splitters, splices, connectors, and more
  • Rugged, pelican-style case for frequent handling and use
  • Choice of standard configuration or customized to your needs

OTDR Training & Demonstration Solutions, Sidekick Plus


Sidekick Plus

  • Simulates a single P2P fiber span to 6km
  • User-specified setup and fiber events (splices, connector, fiber mismatch)
  • Handheld, lightweight aluminum case for maximum durability
  • Smaller, compact module size travels easily

Require a Special or New Configuration?

No problem!  Similar to all M2 solutions, both the MSP and SK Plus solutions can be customized or even re-designed if necessary to meet your exact specifications.  Contact M2 to learn more.