OTDR training & demonstration solution with event simulator containing multiple spools totaling over 20km.

The Fiber Lab MSP

  • Simulates P2P, PON/FTTX, & Cell Tower fiber spans
  • Includes over 35km of fiber via multiple spools
  • Integrated fiber events (splices, 1xN splitters, etc)
  • Rugged, portable case designed for travel and frequent handling
  • Eliminates the hassle of managing multiple components
  • Customized configurations available

The Fiber Lab MSP OTDR training and event simulator, a 2023 Lightwave Innovation Winner

The award-winning Fiber Lab MSP is the industry's most advanced fiber event simulator that exactly simulates several common types of fiber optic spans in a single unit. Great for OTDR training and device demonstrations, it includes multiple fiber lengths with integrated components including 1xN splitters, reflective connectors, and good/bad splices for a truly real-world network experience.

Whether you are training technicians to troubleshoot a P2P connection or requiring a complete 20km end-to-end PON/FTTx link for demonstrating an OTDR device to an audience, the Fiber Lab MSP simplifies the task with this efficient design approach. Additionally, the rugged case provides solid protection during use and travel, while storing away efficiently once the job is complete.

Base Fiber Lab MSP Configuration:

  • 55m Cell Tower fiber with in-line connector
  • 8km P2P fiber with good in-line splices
  • 8km P2P fiber with good and bad in-line splices
  • 21.5km PON/FTTx fiber with multiple in-line connectors to a 1x8 splitter (4 outputs from 300m-1km)

Custom Configurations: The Fiber Lab MSP can be customized or completely re-designed to achieve your desired setup configuration. 

Providing classroom training or giving a sales demonstration has never been easier, eliminating the hassle of carrying and piecing together a makeshift setup while delivering reliable and consistent performance results.  Contact M2 Optics or an authorized local partner to learn more about the MSP solution today.

Download the Fiber Lab MSP Brochure