Passive Networking Solutions 

SplitLight HD Tap

If you ask service providers and data centers to identify a key issue, saving rack space is almost always a critical concern.  The SplitLight offers a complete line of passive solutions designed to maximize density in the least amount of rack space for passive optical components including taps, WDM, and PON splitters.

In addition to a patent-pending 1RU chassis, M2 Optics also offers high density modules designed for traditional LGX-style chassis and those that require a modular approach.


Passive Network TAPs

  • Up to 192 each 1x2 or 1x3 passive optical taps in just 1RU
  • Single mode and multimode optical fibers
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PON and FTTx Splitters
  • Multiple 1xN splitters, including 1x16, 1x32, and 1x64 in a single chassis
  • Highly useful in congested residential and metro network areas
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Our team at M2 can completely customize a passive network solution for you based on your needs. Get started today.