PM Fiber Optic Splitters and Couplers

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  • Offered as a component or installed in LGX modules
  • Choice of PM fiber types like Corning® PANDA PM980 and Fujikura® PM1550
  • 1xN and 2xN configurations

Polarization Maintaining fiber optic splitters and couplers are customized to your specification and offered in LGX module, rack-mount enclosure, or component formats. Ideal for amplifier, sensor, and monitoring applications, all PM fiber splitters and couplers are both Telcordia and RoHS compliant.

Multiple PM fiber types including Corning® PANDA PM980 and Fujikura® PM1550 are available upon request in various 1xN and 2xN configurations and provide highly reliable performance along with a high extinction ratio.

When you are ready to take the next step, contact M2 with the details of your specific requirement:

  • Split type (1xN , 2xN, etc)
  • Power ratio
  • Center operating wavelength (980nm, 1550nm, etc)
  • Setup/style approach - rack-mount, module (rack or portable), or component-only

Upon receipt of the information, a member of the M2 team will contact you regarding your inquiry.