A variety of specialty optical fibers are available from M2 Optics in popular Fiber Lab enclosures for network simulation and latency testing, optical time delay, and training applications. Offering accurate custom lengths in both rack-mount or portable solutions, simply request the specialty fiber type you require along with the preferred enclosure style and M2 will build it to your specifications.

Types of specialty optical fibers currently available from M2 include, but are not limited to:

  • Ribbon Fibers
  • Dispersion Compensating Fibers
  • Radiation Hardened Fibers
  • Polarization Maintaining Fibers 
  • Hollowcore Fibers
  • Large Core Fibers

For challenging use cases, M2 also provides Fiber Lab enclosure solutions that include an extra layer of protection against harsh environments.

Fiber Lab Solutions - Specialty Optical Fibers

Efficiently spooled multi-fiber, jacketed cable for testing and latency using Fiber Lab MPO.

Ribbon Fiber Solutions
Compact, handheld solution to pair with any OTDR for eliminating the "dead zone" at the beginning of a fiber cable test.Dispersion Compensating Fibers
Rugged testing platform that holds up to 25 km of any optical fiber for working with fiber optic products and networks.
Harsh Environment Enclosures