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M2's team of experts is focused on helping you address several key application areas. Contact us today and we will help you determine the ideal solution for your project needs.

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Custom lengths of optical fiber in enclosures for network and latency simulation testing
Network and Latency Simulators

Exactly replicate optical performance and latency in the most accurate and efficient manner for R&D, testing, certification, and training applications.

Fiber Lab Flex DC
Precision Optical Time Delays

Sub-nanosecond optical time delays in HD formats for link equalization and signal timing applications in critical latency-driven systems.

Fiber Monitoring Systems low cost detection of fiber breaks and issues
Fiber Monitoring Systems

Increase network reliability and security while saving time by instantly detecting fiber breaks, malicious cuts, and other critical fiber issues.

Optical tap, WDM, Splitter, and filter components in rack chassis or LGX modules
Optical Networking Solutions

Passive optical TAP, WDM, filter, and GPON components in rack chassis and LGX modules, customized for any application.

Optical Fiber Reference Guide Book

2023 Optical Fiber Reference Guide

Learn more about the most popular Single-Mode and Multimode optical fibers in today's market, including links to their technical data sheets for quick reference.

Download your Guide

Every test lab and network has different needs, configurations, and performance goals, which is why M2 customizes every product to your specification


Designed by optical engineers and customized for you to deliver maximum value and efficiency.

M2 offers a range of products for specialized testing, networking, and training applications.  Contact us to learn more or request a brand new solution today!

Custom fiber network simulators and latency / optical time delay solutions

Fiber Lab

Customized fiber network simulators and optical time delay platforms
Low cost remote fiber monitoring and test system

Fiber Monitor

Monitor up to 64 fibers in 1RU for instant detection of fiber issues
Custom LGX module solutions for signal monitoring, filtering, & routing

SplitLight - GPON / WDM

Splitter and WDM solutions for signal monitoring, filtering, & routing
Custom passive optical TAP devices for network monitoring

SplitLight - Optical TAPs

High density passive optical TAP platforms for network monitoring
Fiber network and PON FTTX simulators for fiber optic training


Portable P2P and FTTx network simulators for fiber optic training
Low cost portable test devices for fiber optic network troubleshooting

Portable Test Devices

Reliable, compact test devices for network and cable troubleshooting


Fiber Characterization

Certified CFCE technicians provide critical test results for certifying your fiber links. Service options include:

  • OTDR, Insertion Loss, & Return Loss
  • Visual Connector Inspection
  • Fiber Span & Link Latency
  • Bit-Error-Rate (BER)
Optical Fiber Spooling

Utilizing high-speed, high-precision fiber spooling machines, M2 delivers precision lengths of any fiber type for any application.

Require a custom-fabricated spool, coil, or package for a project? M2's advanced, in-house additive design and manufacturing capabilities produce exactly what you need.



Field Network Testing, Fiber Spooling, and 3D Design & Manufacturing.

Save time and money by partnering with M2 to solve engineering challenges by accessing a team of experts providing fiber characterization, precision fiber spooling, and custom part design and manufacturing services.

Who we serve

From small local ISPs to the largest global data centers, web service providers, and financial networks, M2's equipment powers the world's most advanced critical networks.

Telecommunications / Internet Service Providers

Data Centers

Web & Cloud Service Providers


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