High-Speed, Custom Length Optical Fiber SPooling

Bare Optical Fiber Spooling Machine
  • High-speed optical fiber spooling capabilities support projects of any size
  • Precision, custom lengths by distance or latency value
  • All types of optical fiber
  • Packaging into efficient fiber enclosures (consult with M2)

Require a Custom Length of Optical Fiber?

Utilizing an array of advanced high-speed machinery designed for optical fibers, M2 Optics is your trusted and proven partner for spooling precision lengths of optical fiber for any project.  In addition to all single mode, multimode, and specialty bare fiber types, ribbon fibers and other select jacketed cable types are also available as part of our custom fiber spooling services.

Depending on your needs, M2 can source new fiber on your behalf from any manufacturer, or re-spool existing fiber that you provide to us.  Since older fiber that has been sitting on a reel for a long time can sometimes be brittle with an increased risk of breaking during the process, our team will provide an initial evaluation at no cost to you while determining the most effective approach.

Finished Spool Formats - Standard, Compact, and M2 Custom-Fabricated Reels

Since factory-sized reels are designed for shipping and not space efficiency, M2 offers many different reel and packaging options based on your requirements. Additionally, custom spools sized to fit your desired format or dimensions can be custom-fabricated quickly at our facility to your specifications, resulting in a solution for virtually any application.

Contact M2 Optics to Discuss Your Customer Fiber Spooling Project: