M2 Optics provides custom lengths and spools of single mode, multimode, and specialty optical fibers in a variety of professional rack-mount and portable platforms. Combining our in-house fiber spooling capabilities and years of expertise, we are able to offer a solution for virtually any requirement and environment.

To learn more about a specific fiber, select a type below to view the data sheet.  If you have additional questions or would like pricing on a specific fiber configuration, simply contact us and a fiber consultant will be in touch quickly to support you. 

G.652 (Standard Single Mode Fibers)

The most widely deployed single mode fibers for metro, campus, and access networks:

G.654 (Terrestrial & Submarine Single Mode Fibers) 

Cutoff-shifted single mode fibers for terrestrial, submarine, and other demanding long haul optical transmission applications:

G.655 (Low-dispersion Single Mode Fibers)

Non-zero dispersion shifted fibers (NZDSF) are suited to CWDM and DWDM metro, regional, and long haul optical transmission applications where minimizing dispersion is important:

G.657 (Bend-insensitive Single Mode Fibers)

Bend-insenstive fibers are designed for FTTH, enterprise, data center, or other applications where small or tight bends are to be expected: