Fiber Optic Patch Cables for Data Center & IT Networking

Simplex and Duplex Custom Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Key Features

  • All SM, MM, and Specialty fiber types
  • LC, SC, FC, and ST connectors; PC/UPC/APC polishes
  • Custom, accurate lengths 
  • Simplex and Duplex (Tx/Rx)

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Simplex and duplex fiber optic patch cords from M2 Optics deliver consistent optical performance for network, data center, and IT connectivity applications. Built with the single mode, multimode, or specialty fiber of your choice, the patch cables can be specified at any length and offer the complete list of connector types in both standard and hybrid configurations. To learn more or request pricing information, contact M2 Optics or an authorized sales partner in your region today.

Precision Length Patch Cables

For latency-driven systems and other specialized applications that require a high degree of length accuracy and tolerance, M2 Optics offers customized precision length patch cables to support these needs. Utilizing Corning® optical fibers, these cables provide a tolerance specification of just -0 to +1 inch tolerance up to 50ft for both simplex and duplex configurations.

Manufactured in the USA, rapid/expedited delivery options are available, helping to support data center and network connectivity needs and challenges that arise quickly or unexpectedly.