Compact, handheld solution to pair with any OTDR for eliminating the "dead zone" at the beginning of a fiber cable test.

Portable Fiber Enclosure - Module

Rugged testing platform that holds up to 25 km of any optical fiber for working with fiber optic products and networks.
Portable Fiber Enclosure - Pelican Case
Fiber Lab enclosures built to your exact specifications in a ruggedized manner to withstand the extreme elements.
Rack-mount Fiber Enclosure - Ruggedized

For harsh environments and optical fiber applications requiring extreme durability, M2 Optics Inc. offers multiple rugged solutions to ensure maximum protection and performance of your valuable fiber.

Whether you require a solution that will be transported frequently, a module installed inside a mobile system, or a rack enclosure installed into an aerospace station with extreme temperatures and vibrations, Fiber Lab enclosures can be built in a ruggedized manner to withstand the extreme elements.  Designed to package custom length spools and coils of fiber in the most efficient manner, these custom Fiber Lab solutions are built to your exact specifications in terms of enclosure style, optical fiber types, and setup configurations.

These solutions have been deployed for:

  • Aerospace and Defense fiber optic systems
  • Harsh environment, outdoor networks and systems
  • Training centers
  • Fiber equipment repair and leasing companies

Contact us today to learn more, design your custom solution, or request pricing for any of M2's harsh environment fiber enclosures.

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