OTDR Sidekick Custom Launch Fiber Box

Custom OTDR Launch Fiber Boxes and Cables

  • 100m, 250m, 500m, 1000m, or custom fiber lengths
  • All single-mode, multimode, or specialty fiber types
  • Lightweight aluminum with carrying case
  • Bulkhead and pass-through lead options
  • 100% designed and manufactured in USA (Buy American Certified)

The OTDR Sidekick is a rugged, compact launch fiber module that pairs with any OTDR to eliminate the "dead zone" at the beginning of a fiber cable under test. Every Sidekick module is customized to specifications and ships rapidly from M2's facility in Raleigh NC USA.

To support a variety of preferences and application needs, in addition to the choice of multiple fiber types and specific lengths, Sidekick modules offer two fiber lead interface styles:

  • Style A: Bulkhead interfaces (primary benefit: change leads and connectors as needed or when worn out)
  • Style B: Pass-through interfaces (primary benefit: no extra interface connection/loss event with directly terminated spool)

To specify your custom launch fiber, contact the M2 team or a local authorized partner today.