OTDR Launch Fiber Boxes and Spools
  • 100m, 250m, 500m, 1000m or any custom fiber lengths
  • All single mode, multimode, and specialty fibers types
  • Maximum durability via a lightweight aluminum case
  • Bulkhead or pass-through interface options
  • 100% USA manufactured

The OTDR Sidekick launch fiber module is designed to provide field technicians with a highly durable, compact solution that pairs with any OTDR for eliminating the "dead zone" at the beginning of a fiber cable.  Sometimes referred to as a pulse suppressor, launch cable, or fiber ring, every Sidekick module is customized to your specifications and ships out quickly from M2's facility in Raleigh NC.

Additionally, Sidekick modules are available with two interface styles, depending on user preference:

  • Style A: Bulkhead interfaces (change leads and connectors as needed or when worn out)
  • Style B: Pass-through interfaces (directly terminated spool with 1m leads/connectors)

To specify your custom launch fiber, contact the M2 team or a local authorized partner today.


Require more than 1km?

Check out the new Sidekick Plus, a slightly larger handheld module offering up to 6km