Custom Dispersion Compensating Fiber Solutions

Dispersion Compensating Fiber Enclosures and Modules


  • Available in any portable, rack-mount, or modular enclosures
  • Reduces chromatic dispersion in G.652 single mode fibers
  • Customized to compensate for any user-specified distance
  • Useful for both network and test lab applications

Utilizing efficient Fiber Lab enclosures, M2 Optics offers complete line of dispersion compensating fiber solutions when needing to reduce chromatic dispersion in your network. Since chromatic dispersion occurs as a light signal travels down a fiber, incorporating a DC fiber into your link helps to significantly eliminate this detrimental performance effect.  Available in any rack-mount or portable Fiber Lab enclosures and modules, DC fiber solutions from M2 Optics are useful for both network and test lab applications.

While these solutions are often specified to compensate for distances of G.652 single mode fiber ranging from 5km to 120km, M2's custom approach enables you to specify any distance that you wish to compensate for.  M2 typically stocks dispersion compensating fiber, resulting in faster turnaround of your customized solution.


For specialized applications like RF Over Fiber (RFOF) that require more advanced solutions, M2 offers dispersion compensated delay lines, that provide an exact user-specified delay value, while incorporating DC fiber to eliminate the chromatic dispersion effects inside of the delay line.


To learn more about these dispersion compensating fiber solutions, contact M2 Optics or an authorized local partner today.


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