What are Fiber Optic Attenuators?


Optical attenuators reduce the power level of optical signals in optical fibers and help to improve the strength of your fiber optic signal. Attenuators are used when the receiving signal is too strong and overpowering the receiving elements in your fiber network. This might happen is the transmitters and receivers are mismatched. Stress testing in network link simulation reduces the signal strength and increases dB attenuation until the link fails, which determines the signal’s safety margin.


There are different types of attenuators depending on how your optical platform is set up. M2 Optics offers a variety of types of fiber attenuators, including SC, LC, FC, and others. We carry a complete range of attenuation values in 1dB increments (1-20 dB standard; 21-30 dB optional.) Fixed attenuators are manufactured using doped fiber in order to offer excellence stability and high performance. Both multimode and single mode attenuators are available with a variety of connector types. 


At M2, we stock many of the most common attenuators (SC/APC, 1-10dB, etc.) in order to quickly serve the needs of many leading CATV and Telecom network operators worldwide. 


To learn more about fiber optic attenuators and pricing, please contact our team and we will happy to assist you with your requirements.



  • Doped fiber for higher performance
  • Excellent stability/repeatability
  • 1-30dB attenuation available
  • Ideal for Telecom, CATV, and PON networks

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