Custom Fiber Optic Solutions


Reliable fiber monitoring and network testing solutions are crucial for keeping your network performing at its best. We understand the need to test and monitor your network regularly, and we also understand that every network has different needs, setups, and demands.


M2 Optics focuses on developing powerful, customized solutions for several key applications in the optical fiber network testing, fiber monitoring, and connectivity arena.  By specializing in this manner, our experienced team consistently delivers fiber monitoring solutions with high value that helps our worldwide customer base to enhance their fiber optic network operations. Our portfolio of fiber solutions support:


Network Simulation and Latency

Fiber_Lab_3200R_Solution M2 offers a complete line of professional optical fiber platforms, offering all types and lengths of fiber for exactly simulating a field network and/or a variety of latency applications.

All-Optical Switching

1xN_SWL_Solution_2 M2 offers solutions for optical switching, such as 1xN optical switching devices for fiber network monitoring, multicasting, and test port sharing applications.

Passive Optical Networking

LGX_Optical_Splitter_Solution Save the maximum amount of rack space possible for network taps, splitters, and WDMs by using a 1RU ultra-high density chassis, or a 3RU modular chassis.

 Fiber Network Testing & Maintenance


Fiber Monitoring System 2020Optimize laser transmitter performance, monitor fibers for intrusions, and other effective solutions for ensuring your system is operating at peak levels.


Test Lab & Automation

Organize and automate key aspects of the test environment in order to improve efficiency for today's most advanced setups in fiber optic networks.

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