WDM Splitter Solutions

The flexible SplitLight solution from M2 Optics expands on its industry-leading network tap capability with the addition of CWDM and DWDM passive multiplexers.  Whether your need is a small channel count CWDM/DWDM Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer (OADM), or a full 88 channel mux/demux, the SplitLight can accommodate one or many of these within a single rack unit (1RU).

In addition, several multiplexers can be used in conjunction for customized solutions and taps can even be integrated pre or post multiplexer for network monitoring applications, saving both rack space and cost.

Just a few of the CWDM and DWDM applications that SplitLight can be used for include:

  • Passive wavelength multiplexing to increase capacity of the existing fibers
  • WDM-PON arrayed waveguide gratings (AWG) to provide multiple, dedicated wavelengths between the OLT and ONT
  • Passive and static OADM for adding/dropping wavelengths to provide access at intermediate sites along a network route
  • Universal multiplexer used to combine P2P Ethernet over CWDM, FTTH, and RFoG all on the same fiber