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M2 Optics specializes in developing and manufacturing customized solutions for fiber optic network and link simulation, optical time delay, network monitoring, and training applications. From packaged optical fibers in the industry-leading Fiber Lab portfolio to passive optical TAPs and fiber monitoring systems, these versatile solutions are globally proven to help improve your engineering capabilities and system performance. 

Serving as a true partner, our team of fiber experts will quickly help you determine a solution configuration that delivers maximum benefit and efficiency. Contact our team for more information on any product family or request a quote at your convenience - we're here to help!

Showcase lengths of optical fiber for network/ latency simulation testing and demos using Fiber Lab 3200R.

Fiber Network and Latency Simulators / Optical Time Delay Solutions

  • Any/all types of single mode, multimode, or specialty optical fibers in precise lengths
  • Rack-mount, portable, or field enclosures organize your fiber in the most efficient manner
  • Trusted by engineers globally for network and latency simulation and optical time delay applications
Minimize fiber monitoring costs, everything is integrated into a single chassis for fast deployment to cover your links.

Fiber Monitoring & Network Intrusion Detection Systems

  • Instant detection and alerts of fiber cuts, tampering, and intrusion attempts of your fiber network
  • Integrated device design reduces hardware and monitoring costs on a per-fiber basis
  • Highest density in the market, monitor up to 64 dark fibers in just 1RU or 64 lit fibers in 3RU


Custom small channel count wavelength tap filter to a complete GPON aggregation multiplexer

WDM, Wavelength Filtering & Routing, & Coexistence (CEx) Modules

  • Customized WDM, CWDM, and DWDM solutions matched to your exact network requirements
  • Rack-mount, modular, and portable formats for in-network and testing applications
  • Improve network monitoring, system performance, and connectivity capabilities 


3 RU rack chassis holds up to 12 modules for customized TAP configurations.

Passive Optical TAPs

  • 1G/10G, 40G, 100G, and 400G + tap configurations
  • Scalable rack-mount and modular formats support growing and changing needs
  • Single mode, multimode, and specialty fiber configurations for any network application


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