Quickly Test MPO and STandard Fiber Cables

With data centers and ISP’s everywhere managing complex fiber networks, it’s critical to ensure that your fiber network is always working at peak level. When you need to test fiber optic cables and systems in the field or around a facility, M2 Optics offers a selection of portable test devices for performing the task effectively.

Several types of devices are available to fit different fiber network testing needs. Whether you are testing single mode or multimode fibers, these devices can precisely measure key characteristics like optical power, insertion loss from end to end, and traffic direction to help identify and troubleshoot any issues in your cables or networks.

If you require pricing or further technical information, you can click learn more by selecting a device below, or by contacting the M2 team who can help to recommend the best device for your needs. 

MPO Power Meters

MPO Power Meter

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  • Test 12 or 24 fibers simultaneously 
  • Single mode or multimode devices
  • Compact size and rugged design

MPO Light Sources

MPO Light Source

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  • Compliments the MPO Power Meter
  • Single or dual wavelength options for SM and MM
  • Three (3) continuous wavelength and modulation modes

Standard Fiber Optic Power Meters

Fiber Optic Power Meter

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  • 800-1550nm wavelengths (-70 to +6dB or -50 to +26dB)
  • Precise measurements, small size, cost-effective

Optical Fiber Identifiers with VFL

Optical Fiber Identifier and VFL

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  • Designed to identify traffic in single mode cables
  • Detects multiple frequencies
  • Includes a 10mW visual fault locator for added value


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