Easily Install and Manage LGX Coupler, Splitter, and WDM Modules

3RU LGX Rack Chassis Enclosure

The 3RU LGX rack chassis from M2 Optics is a rugged, 19-inch solution that efficiently houses up to 12 standard-size LGX fiber optic coupler, splitter, and/or WDM modules. For those seeking a smaller footprint for just a couple of modules.

Each chassis is available to be delivered complete with customized LGX modules also manufactured by M2, or it can be ordered empty for people with existing LGX modules requiring just the rack-mounting solution.

Made in USAEvery LGX rack chassis is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA, certifying it for the US federal government BABA and BEAD program initiatives for Telecom & Broadband infrastructure service providers.