Portable Fiber Network Simulator and Delay Line Module


  • Custom fiber spool configurations - all fiber types, lengths/delays, and events
  • Supports up to 6km distance or 30us delay
  • Portable, compact module for use on tabletop or installed into a system
  • Useful for multiple applications: network and delay simulation, optical delay line, demonstrations, and training

Handheld, Versatile Optical Delay Line & Network Simulator

The Sidekick Plus is a customizable module for fiber optic optic time delay and network simulation applications designed for engineers seeking a solution that offers both portability and space-efficiency.

Each module holds a precision length of fiber up to 6km (30us delay) that can be terminated via bulkhead or pass-through interface connections.  Additionally, for specialized applications like OTDR training, in-line events (splices, connector, fiber mismatch) can also be included for simulating real-world scenarios.  The lightweight aluminum spool enclosure is highly durable for use in virtually any environment, while the handheld size makes it easy to carry around or fit into a bag for transport.

To learn more or begin customizing your Sidekick Plus module, contact M2 Optics or a local authorized sales partner today.

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