Sidekick Plus optical delay line and network simulation module


  • Custom fiber spool configurations; all fiber types
  • Precision lengths up to a 6km distance or a 30us delay
  • Lightweight aluminum module for tabletop or installed into a system
  • Bulkhead adapters or direct pass-through connection leads
  • Useful for multiple applications: network and delay simulation, optical delay line, demonstrations, and training

Handheld, Versatile Optical Delay Line & Network Simulator

The Sidekick Plus is a customizable module for fiber optic time delay and network simulation applications, designed for engineers seeking a solution that is both portable and efficient.

Each module holds a precision length of fiber up to 6km (30us delay) that can be terminated via bulkhead or pass-through interface connections. The lightweight aluminum spool enclosure is highly durable, while its handheld size makes it easy to carry around for use in virtually any physical setting.

To learn more or begin customizing your Sidekick Plus module, contact M2 Optics or a local authorized sales partner today.