Customized Fiber Optic Solutions for Testing and Latency Applications

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Optical fiber serves as the backbone for data center communications due to its ability to support the high-speed, high-capacity, and low-latency transmission of vast amounts of data for today's cloud service applications. With so much reliance on the complex optical fiber infrastructure that exists both within and between data center facilities, it is essential for data centers and the entities that operate within them to effectively address a few important testing processes and latency challenges that arise when installing and managing fiber-based systems.

These applications include accurately replicating the optical characteristics and latency performance of fiber spans/links in the lab when testing and certifying proposed network cabling and devices, along with deploying precision optical time delays in the network to address critical signal timing and synchronization challenges.

Trusted by many leading global data center entities and cloud service system integrators, M2 Optics offers several specialized fiber network simulation and latency solutions, always customized to match the exact project requirements for maximum ROI.

Customized fiber optic network span, link, and latency simulator for hyperscale data center device testing and certification

Fiber Optic Network and Latency Simulators

  • Accurately replicate any fiber span, link, or network
  • All fiber types from Corning®, OFS®, Prysmian®, and Sumitomo®
  • Precise fiber lengths for all distances or delay values
  • Many efficient, high-density enclosure options
  • Test and certify network gear, validate expected latency, and more
Fiber Lab customized optical time delay and latency solution for optical signal timing, sync, and link equalization in data centers

Optical Time Delay Solutions

  • Sub-nanosecond precision fiber lengths by distance or delay values
  • All fiber types from Corning®, OFS®, Prysmian®, and Sumitomo®
  • Highest-density enclosure designs deliver maximum space efficiency 
  • Solves optical signal timing, synch, and link equalization challenges