Customized Fiber Optic Solutions for Electric, Gas, Oil, and Water Providers

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Fiber optic communications networks play an essential role in the utility sector, as these high-speed, high-capacity, and low-latency systems enable providers to deliver and manage critical communications, monitor and control smart-grid equipment in real-time, offer enhanced customer support services, and improve overall operational efficiencies. Optical fibers also generate additional revenue, as many utility providers leverage their vast infrastructure to provide internet services to customers or lease fibers to other entities seeking connectivity.

To support utility providers in their effort to build and maintain reliable fiber networks that so many people rely on, M2 Optics offers several specialized fiber-based solutions designed to help utilities optimize network performance.

Fiber optic network and latency simulator for utility providers

Fiber Optic Network and Latency Simulators

  • Accurately replicate any fiber span, link, or network
  • All fiber types from Corning®, OFS®, Prysmian®, and Sumitomo®
  • Precise fiber lengths by distance or delay value
  • Test and certify network gear, validate expected latency, and more
Fiber optic network and event simulator for OTDR training for utility providers

Fiber Optic Training / OTDR Training Simulators

  • Train field technicians to use OTDRs and test devices
  • Each unit contains multiple fiber spans with events
  • Portable and easy to use for both instructors and students
  • Customized configurations to match training needs/goals
Fiber Monitoring Systems for detecting fiber breaks in utility networks

 Fiber Monitoring Systems

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring for physical fiber issues
  • Instantly detect fiber breaks and tampering
  • Saves hours of expensive labor time and costs
  • Easy to install; the most efficient solution in the market