Enhance Optical Network Testing, Connectivity, and Monitoring Capabilities

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People around the world rely on having the consistent availability of high-speed broadband internet for their communication needs, so Telecom, ISP, and CATV service providers are tasked with effectively building and maintaining these networks 365/24/7 to ensure their needs are met. Delivering optimal performance starts with selecting, certifying, and installing the most suitable equipment for the network, followed by implementing supportive monitoring gear and training technicians to properly maintain the network.

Supporting the complete range of service providers around the world, from the largest national entities through smaller regional, rural, and specialized internet providers, M2 Optics offers a complete portfolio of high-value solutions for essential testing, networking, and training applications proven to deliver exceptional results.

Customized fiber optic network span, link, and latency simulator for hyperscale data center device testing and certification


Fiber Optic Network and Latency Simulators

  • Accurately replicate any fiber span, link, or network
  • All fiber types from Corning®, OFS®, Prysmian®, and Sumitomo®, and more
  • Precise fiber lengths by distances or delay value
  • Protect and organize fiber efficiently with many enclosure options
  • Test and certify network gear, validate expected latency, and more
Portable OTDR training network simulator for telecom and fiber optic training classes


OTDR Training / Fiber Optic Training Solutions

  • Portable network simulators with built-in fiber events (splices, splitters, etc)
  • Multiple spans and events per unit; P2P, FTTH / PON, and more
  • Customizable to match the specific training needs of the course/class.
  • Multiple product optoons and sizes; rugged for frequent handling and travel
  • Utilized by leading training entities and associations

Remote, low-cost fiber monitoring system for detecting fiber breaks and issues in telecom, ISP, and CATV networks


 Remote Fiber Monitoring Systems

  • Instantly detect fiber breaks, tampering, and issues in real-time
  • Saves hours of time resolving issues while minimizing labor costs
  • Monitors up to 64 fibers in a single 1RU unit
  • Integrated, easy-to-install unit with minimal hardware

Customized, rugged OTDR launch fiber box / module for telecom, ISP, and CATV technicians


OTDR Launch Fiber Modules

  • Custom lengths up to 1km per unit; Made in USA with fast shipping
  • Single-mode, multimode, and specialty fibers from Corning©, OFS©, others
  • Lightweight aluminum and case ensures maximum durability
  • Bulkhead and pass-through lead options for use with any OTDR