Standard Fiber Test Boxes


    Multi-Spool Network Simulation & Latency Solutions 
  • Custom lengths of optical fiber up to 300km
  • All single mode and multimode fiber types
  • Offers a multitude of testing configurations
  • Allows for an efficient and professional setup


    Single Spool Network Simulation & Latency Solutions

  • Custom lengths up to 60km of optical fiber
  • All single mode and multimode fiber types
  • Protects fiber and connectors from damage
  • Portable for easy handling in the lab

Specialty Fiber Test Boxes

Fiber Lab MPO Portable MM.jpg      100G Multimode Testing and Latency (MPO)
  • Save space using 12-fiber multimode cable
  • Easily test and certify transceivers and optics 
  • Simulate data center links by distance/latency
  • Rack-mount and portable enclosure options


    Extra-Rugged Enclosures

  • Maximum protection for frequent handling
  • Ideal for field and harsh environment use
  • Custom lengths of any fiber type to 30km
  • Extra storage space for other tools/equipment


    OTDR Training & Calibration Solution

  • Includes fiber "events" at specified distances
  • Simulates real-world network issues
  • Great for fiber optic training centers
  • Useful for OTDR calibration and related tests


    Dispersion Compensating Fiber Modules

  • Dispersion compensating fiber G.652 fiber
  • Rack-mount or desktop use
  • Compensates for lengths from 20 to 120km

OTDR Launch Fiber Boxes & Cables


    OTDR Launch Boxes

  • Launch cable compliments any OTDR
  • Any optical fiber lengths up to 2km
  • Compact & lightweight for easy field use
  • Modular or pelican-style cases available