Versatile, Modular Optical Time Delay Solution

Designed to help data center centers easily install and manage optical time delays for latency-driven applications using Fiber Lab Flex DC.
  • Includes up to 144 precision optical time delays in 3RU
  • Customized to spec with choice of fiber types and delay values
  • Add or reconfigure modules as needs grow and change
  • Useful for equalizing link latency and fine-tuning system timing

The patent-pending Fiber Lab Flex DC is designed to help data center center engineering teams easily install and manage optical time delays for latency-driven applications. Utilizing an LGX style approach, each Flex DC module can accommodate up to 12 individual time delays, achieving a total of 144 delays in a single 3RU rack-mount chassis, saving valuable rack space.

In addition to physical space savings, each delay is manufactured with sub-nanosecond accuracy, allowing for fine-tuning system performance by helping to equalize link latency, synchronize optical signal timing, and meet customer SLAs or other industry compliance standards.

Start solving critical system timing challenges today with this versatile solution that can quickly adapt and change as your needs grow.

Contact M2 Optics to begin customizing your Fiber Lab Flex DC today.  To get started, share some information about your requirements:

  • Quantity of delays (per module, total)
  • Specific time delay values
  • Fiber type - any single mode, multimode, and specialty
  • Connector type - LC standard for HD, contact for others

Upon receiving your information, a member of the M2 team will help to determine the most efficient setup configuration for your needs.

2022 Lightwave Innovation Awards Winner!

2022 Lightwave Innovation Award Winner - Fiber Lab Flex DC