Fiber Lab 3200R Optical Network and Latency Simulator

The Fiber Lab 3200R is the perfect solution for engineers or sales teams seeking to highlight or showcase lengths of optical fiber for network and latency simulation testing and demonstration applications.

Offering four (4) individual, custom length optical fiber spools with up to 80km each (320km total) in just 6RU, the FL3200R includes a transparent front panel and connection interfaces on the rear panel.  The result is an eye-catching professional setup that enhances the look of your test or demo setup, while guaranteeing consistent performance results.

Custom Optical Fiber Spools for Trade Shows - Fiber Lab 3200R Special Feature: Integrated LED Lighting

Want to take your setup to the next level or make your setup standout at the next trade show?  The FL3200R is the first and only solution in the industry that offers the option to include remote-controlled, integrated LED lighting for enhancing the visibility or illuminating the spools of fiber being used.

Similar to all Fiber Labs from M2, the FL3200R is customized to your exact needs for any application.  Whether you are demonstrating a new device across different fiber types from Corning®, OFS®, and Prysmian® or require the most efficient way to simulate a transoceanic submarine optical fiber network, contact M2 Optics today for more information.