Fiber Lab 3200 Custom Fiber Spool Network and Latency Simulator


  • Accurate, custom optical fiber lengths / delays to 320km
  • 6RU chassis saves 50% or more rack space
  • Choice of any SM, MM, Ribbon (MPO), and Specialty fibers
  • Exactly simulates optical link characteristics and latency
  • Useful for network & link simulation, fiber and device certification, signal delay, and training applications

The Fiber Lab 3200 is designed for engineers testing fiber optic devices and systems that require the most efficient setup for managing long lengths of optical fiber.  Offering up to 320km in a single 6RU chassis, the FL3200 can include up to four (4) individual spools of optical fiber, each with continuous lengths of up to 80km in distance.

Built to your exact requirements in terms of custom optical fiber types / brands, lengths, and connectors, this solution saves at least 50% or more physical space compared to using traditional factory spools or alternative approaches.  In addition to a highly organized setup, your valuable fiber is protected, easier to work with, and ensures long-term consistent and reliable performance results.

If you are using this solution for latency-driven testing or delay line applications, you can specify the fiber spools by the desired latency value (microseconds, milliseconds, etc) and M2 will provide these time delays with accurate precision.

M2 offers all single mode and mode optical fibers from all leading manufacturers like Corning®, OFS®, and Prysmian®, along with a variety of specialty fibers (ribbon, dispersion compensating, radiation hardened, and more) to suit virtually any need.

To specify your custom Fiber Lab 3200, obtain pricing, or request further technical specifications, contact M2 Optics or an authorized local partner to receive information quickly.


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