Versatile solution for using optical fiber spools in network link simulation/latency testing, delay lines, demo applications.

Fiber Lab Flex

  • Custom fiber lengths to 80km (300us delay) per module
  • Saves 65% or more rack space 
  • Add or reconfigure fibers as needs grow change
  • Ensures consistent and accurate optical performance

The modular Fiber Lab Flex offers maximum versatility to engineers using optical fiber spools for network link simulation and latency testing, delay lines, system demonstrations, and training applications.  customized to specification, the Flex provides a wide array of length or time delay selections, as well as the ability to add, reconfigure, or connect multiple fibers together as needs grow or change.

Saving significant physical space compared to setups using factory fiber spools, this 6RU x 19 inch chassis maximizes efficiency by offering:

  • 10 each Flex Single modules (up to 25km per module), or
  • 5 each Flex Double modules (up to 60km per module), or
  • 3 each Flex Triple modules (up 80km per module), or
  • A mixed combination of Single, Double, and Triple modules

Every Flex module offers the choice of fiber type from Corning®, OFS®, Prysmian®, or other fiber manufacturers by request.  Next, select a custom fiber length by distance or delay value, along with the desired connector type.  Flex modules can be ordered from M2 individually, or as part of a complete setup that includes both modules and the chassis.

For pricing, technical specifications, or to learn more contact M2 using the form on this page or by reaching out to a authorized local partner in your local region today.