M2 Optics, Inc Fiber Lab 3200


  Fiber Lab 3200

  • Offers up to 300km of optical fiber
  • All optical fiber types and custom lengths
  • Multiple individual and/or continuous lengths


  Fiber Lab 3200R

  • Similar capabilities as FL3200
  • Transparent front panel; terminations on back
  • Optional, integrated LED lighting feature
 M2 Optics, Inc Fiber Lab Flex


  Fiber Lab Flex

  • Modular approach for maximum versatility
  • Offers up to 10 individual fiber lengths
  • Re-configure, add, or mix fibers as required
 M2 Optics, Inc Tri-Flex


  Fiber Lab Tri-Flex

  • Up to 80km of fiber via 1, 2, or 3 modules
  • All optical fiber types for portable/desktop use
  • Modules interchangeable with Flex rack chassis 

 IMG_8600 (1).png


 Fiber Lab 750

  • Offers up to 170km*
  • All fiber types
  • Space-saving, 3RU rack chassis
 FL 250 HD Resized transparent-1


  Fiber Lab 250/250HD

  • Up to 25km total or 8 shorter lengths
  • Space-saving 1RU chassis
  • Ideal for short to mid-range distances