Four Benefits of Protecting Your Optical Fiber In A Test Environment

Posted by John Kornegay on Mon, Sep 10, 2018 @ 15:09 PM

If you are in the line of work where you are simulating networks using optical fiber, it is safe to assume that you have a few spools of bare fiber sitting in your test environment. The importance of ensuring your fiber-based network devices will work as envisioned before deployment in the field is vital. However, running simulations using unprotected or unsecured spools fiber can prevent you from producing the maximum results due to challenges that can arise.

Investing in a quality testing platform will result in long-term benefits. Let’s highlight a few reasons to consider investing in your test setup:

  • Protection from damage
  • Stability and consistency of results
  • An efficient environment
  • A polished, professional look

Preventing Damage

With your fiber housed in an enclosure, you are not only reducing the potential damage to the fiber itself, but also to the connectors. With testing using an unprotected spool of fiber, connectors are commonly damaged during handling and need to be frequently replaced, costing both time and money. The enclosure protects the fiber from breaks and bends that can sometimes be hard to locate.

Stable Test Platform

Fiber in a protective enclosure ensures consistent test results. The fiber is protected, stable, and the optical interface remains consistently reliable. Each time you connect your equipment you can be certain of the results you achieve.

Streamlined Setup

You will benefit greatly due to the ability to organize fiber lengths more efficiently. Working with fiber in this way allows you to manage your time and effort better, and eliminates the length guessing game while working in your test environment.

Professional Look

Imagine a customer comes to visit your test lab that has bare fiber spools stacked on tables or hanging from the ceiling. Perception can be a reality at times, and if your testing environment is looking a bit disorganized, that could impact a customers view on the quality of work and results you provide. Impress your customer and eliminate that feeling by investing in a more professional test setup!

Investing in your test setup upfront saves you time and money, but more importantly, it ensures that you are garnering results you can rely on, while utilizing best practices for testing in your laboratory.

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