Optical time delays, also known simply as delay lines, are a critical component in today's advanced fiber optic communications networks and test laboratories.  Since time delays must be customized to the specific application, M2's Fiber Lab portfolio of solutions provide the ideal solution for engineers requiring delays in multiple environments.

Delays in the Network Environment

For network engineers, optical time delays are critical for applications including:

  • Signal timing across multiple fibers from point-to-point
  • System synchronization
  • Altering service speeds

Delays in the Lab Environment

For test engineers in the lab, optical time delays are required to:

  • Accurately simulate expected delays in a field network
  • R&D and certification testing of the latency of devices and systems

Regardless of whether it is an in-network or lab application, M2 currently supports many time delay requirements at leading equipment manufacturers, financial service providers, data centers, and telecom service providers.  By providing customized fiber platforms with choice of fiber types, delay values, and enclosure types, each user receives the perfect solution for their individual needs.

FL3200R_Enclosure Rack-mount; Long Time Delays
Ex: 4 x 390us delays, 1 x 1560us delay
FL 250 HD Resized transparent-1 Rack-mount; Short and Medium Delays
Ex: 24 x 1.5us delays, 2 x 50us delays, or 1 x 120us delay
Sidekick Plus v3

Portable/Module; Short and Medium Delays
Ex:  1x30us delay, 2 x 10us delays