M2 Optics Receives a 2022 Lightwave Innovation Award

Posted by Kevin Miller on Fri, Mar 18, 2022 @ 11:03 AM

The patent-pending Fiber Lab Flex DC optical time delay solution receives recognition for its ability to solve critical latency-driven challenges in fiber optic data center applications.

March 18, 2022 (Raleigh, NC) M2 Optics Inc., a leading manufacturer of customized optical fiber solutions for testing and networking applications based in Raleigh, was recently honored with a 2022 Lightwave Innovation Award for their patent-pending Fiber Lab Flex DC solution.

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This prestigious award from Lightwave, the premier global media outlet for the fiber optic communications market, is the first for M2 Optics and recognizes companies and products that demonstrate excellence in the optical networking arena. This year’s independent panel of judges included leading technology experts from Cisco, Verizon, and Intel, with one judge noting, “This innovative solution puts the absolutely critical issue of latency in the hands of the user. The ability to customize each module to user requirements is a valuable capability.”

Optical signal timing is crucial in today’s fiber optic networks, especially in latency-driven networks like financial trading systems. Variances of just microseconds or nanoseconds can be the difference when optimizing system performance or ensuring equivalent service speeds across multiple fibers. A practical and proven way to adjust timing is using optical time delays, which are lengths of optical fiber that must be spooled to exact distances and produce specific delay values.

Utilizing an entirely new conceptual approach, the Fiber Lab Flex DC is a modular, high-density platform that provides the most efficient way to install and manage optical time delays in the data center environment for addressing critical signal timing and equalization challenges. Designed and manufactured in the US at their Raleigh facility, every Flex DC is customized by M2 to exact specification, delivering maximum value to the user regardless of their unique network and timing requirements.

Fiber Lab Flex DC - Optical Time Delays for Latency Applications

2022 Lightwave Innovation Reviews Award - M2 Optics

Already known across the industry for delivering optical time delays in other packaged formats, M2 recognized that having an even more efficient, scalable, and user-friendly solution could benefit data center engineers to a greater extent.

“Leveraging M2’s specialized fiber expertise and proprietary manufacturing capabilities while focusing on improving the user experience, the Flex DC enables engineers to easily install and manage numerous optical time delays while saving considerable rack space”, states Kevin Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of M2 Optics. Additionally, he noted that this complete solution was taken from the initial concept to a finished product in a matter of just weeks due to the great efforts of the highly experienced team at M2 Optics.

Although M2 has not publicly disclosed the names of customers due to confidentiality agreements, they noted the Flex DC is utilized by leading global data centers and financial trading exchanges, adding further credibility for delivering immediate value in advanced optical networks.

To learn more about the Fiber Lab Flex DC and similar Fiber Lab solutions, contact M2 Optics or an authorized regional partner today.

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