M2 Introduces Fiber Monitor for FTTH and PON Networks

Posted by Kevin Miller on Wed, Sep 8, 2010 @ 10:09 AM

FTTH providers can monitor and pinpoint the exact location of faults and other issues on individual subscriber lines directly from the Central Office, resulting in proactive customer service while significantly minimizing network downtime.

With the increase in deployment of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and passive optical networks worldwide, it is crucial that FTTH providers are able to detect commonly occurring issues with the fiber lines, such as accidental breaks or degraded connections.  Until now, providers were required to send a technician to locate the specific issue (typically using an OTDR) at the physical location.  Aside from being reactive to the customers’ problems, this process was both time consuming and costly to the provider.

Fiber Monitor - FTTH/PON, available from M2 Optics, is a unique new solution that makes monitoring every FTTH line a simple process.  Installed at the Central Office, the FM-PON offers 365/24/7 real-time monitoring for a variety of line issues that can affect information transmission.  With the ability to instantly pinpoint issues to within 1.5 meters in all FTTH fiber spans (feed, distribution, and drop fibers), providers can proactively identify issues across the entire network – increasing customer service capabilities while reducing downtime in a much more efficient manner.

Fiber Monitor FTTH Info

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