List of Top Optical Fiber Resources

Posted by Kevin Miller on Thu, Oct 13, 2022 @ 10:10 AM

With the goal of helping fiber technicians, engineers, and telecom enthusiasts learn more about using and managing fiber, M2 offers several highly useful tools and resources for calculating fiber latency accurately, simulating fiber networks and technical optical fiber reference guides. There are several types of fibers and understanding more about them is extremely important for engineers working in the field of networking and communications. Designed by engineers for engineers, every solution and resource is geared to maximize value, benefit everyone, efficiency, and versatility to help you achieve your project goals. 

Optical Fiber Latency Calculator

Dynamic Range and Distance Calculator

Best Practices For Simulating A Physical Fiber Network

Optical Fiber Reference Guide

Defining OMI

More Free Resources

This fiber optic resource guide is quick, simple and free. Learn more about the Fiber Solutions offered through the resource page where you can download calculators, data sheets and white papers. Trust the professionals, M2 can help your company choose the right optical fiber that works best for your needs. Our customized solutions for fiber network simulation, optical time delay, and network testing applications allow each user to specify exactly what they need. Be sure to also check out our other blogs and press releases for the latest information. If you have questions or would like more information on a specific product or solution, please fill out our form.

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