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Radiation Hardened Optical Fiber

Posted by Gary Miller on Wed, Aug 18, 2021 @ 09:08 AM

Radiation hardened fibers are designed to handle applications and environments where there is greater exposure to radiation and the need for reliable data transmission in those settings. Circumstances where the potential of high levels of radiation exist include nuclear power plants or other nuclear-powered apparatus such as submarines, along with space applications, and high energy physics facilities. Optical fiber plays a critical role in each of these environments providing data transmission, gyroscopes, temperature sensing or diagnostics.

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What is RF over Fiber (RFoF)?

Posted by Gary Miller on Thu, Nov 5, 2020 @ 07:11 AM

Driving Value with Radio Frequency Over Fiber (RFoF)

Wireless technology and fiber optic communications have revolutionized everyday life.  In her article, Radio Meets Fiber Optics: RF Over Fiber, Marie Christiano states that “using radio frequency (RF) signals, wireless has given us military radar, avionics, cellular and satellite communications; our world is safer and more interesting thanks to all the benefits provided by wireless breakthroughs. We no longer need to be ‘homebased’ for an expected call or to catch a podcast; our banking, fitness routines, transportation, communications and home security can all be scheduled and controlled from our mobiles.”

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Hollow-Core Optical Fiber - A Potential Game Changer

Posted by Gary Miller on Thu, Apr 16, 2020 @ 16:04 PM

OFS recently made a splash when they announced a new hollow-core optical fiber optimized for low latency transmission.  While hollow-core fibers have existed for about 20 years, it is exciting to see such an innovative and promising fiber technology being more broadly applied to commercial applications. 

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