M2 Optics Introduces Most Advanced Fiber Optic Network Simulation Platform

Posted by Kevin Miller on Fri, May 8, 2015 @ 16:05 PM

Designed for companies developing and deploying fiber-based systems, the Fiber Lab 3200R allows users to showcase their test fiber in the most professional and sophisticated manner.

Fiber_Lab_3200R_Solution   Simulates an Optical Network to 120km

(Raleigh, NC) - M2 Optics Inc., a leading manufacturer of customized solutions for network simulation and latency applications, announced the general availability of the Fiber Lab 3200R platform, the latest in their successful series of packaged optical fibers.  A re-design of the original Fiber Lab 3200 that has been in the market for years, this chassis includes several new features that add even more value for many users.

As certification testing and system demonstrations are a critical aspect of both the development and sales process for network equipment vendors and operators, having their optical fiber organized in a professional manner shows potential users of the equipment that their setup yields quality, consistent results that can be relied upon.  In addition, more and more vendors are realizing that the look of their test setup also plays a role in the impression their customers get when evaluating their equipment via on-site visits, demonstrations, and thus having a setup that both performs well and looks great is of value.

With this in mind, the Fiber Lab 3200R utilizes a transparent front panel, making the bare optical fiber spools visible inside the chassis in an eye-catching manner.  In addition, the fiber terminations have been moved to the rear of the chassis, which not only maintains the improved aesthetics of the unit, but also keeps the cabling out of the way.

Another feature that is entirely exclusive to the Fiber Lab 3200R is the option for integrated, remote-controlled LED lighting inside the unit.  Available in a wide array of colors, this is used to not only illuminate and add emphasis to the optical fiber during a demonstration, but can also be utilized for differentiating groups of optical fibers in a lab environment.  As an example, optical fibers that are currently in use can be illuminated so that other users do not attempt to make changes to the setup, which may interrupt or interfere with a test in-process.

"Utilizing a top-tier solution like the Fiber Lab 3200R helps to show that a system vendor or network operator takes their entire testing & certification process very seriously ", states Kevin Miller, founder of M2 Optics.  "In a competitive situation, this can be a differentiator in terms of instilling confidence that the company has spared no expense in their efforts to deliver a great product."

Similar to the rest of the portfolio, the Fiber Lab 3200R is fully-customized to the user’s specifications, offering multiple lengths of any optical fiber type up to a maximum of 120km per chassis.  It is currently available to all interested users and M2 has already successfully deployed these in several major test labs, including a leading Telco operator and a Fortune 20 enterprise.

To learn more, you may contact M2 Optics directly, or one of their authorized sales partners located across the globe.