M2 Optics Offers Multi-Spool Dispersion Compensating Fiber Solution

Posted by Kevin Miller on Tue, Sep 18, 2012 @ 15:09 PM

A new test platform has been released by M2 Optics Inc. (Raleigh, NC) that provides multiple lengths of dispersion compensating fiber in a single 1RU chassis, enabling engineers to save significant rack space when using this specialty fiber for various applications.

The Fiber Lab DCF is a 1RU, 19” rack mount chassis that can hold up to four (4) individual lengths of dispersion compensating fiber.  While the maximum number of lengths in each chassis is dependent upon the total length(s) of single mode fiber that a user is seeking to compensate for, the unique ability to house more than one spool in a single unit results in a better overall value for those seeking to both minimize space and save money.

Fiber Lab DCF     View More Information

Similar to other Fiber Lab products, each Fiber Lab DCF is customized to the user’s specific project requirements, offering compensation for distances from 3km to 140km of G.652 or G.655 optical fibers.  For those requiring a complete fiber testing setup, this platform can easily be used in conjunction with all other optical fibers available from M2 Optics in a variety of Fiber Lab enclosures.

For pricing and more information about the Fiber Lab DCF, please contact M2 Optics or call 1-919-342-5619.

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