New Performance Upgrade for OMI Meter

Posted by Kevin Miller on Tue, Oct 4, 2011 @ 16:10 PM

M2 Optics Inc. officially announced today that both new and existing users of the FOS 1000A OMI meter now have the option to request additional, calibrated wavelengths to the standard 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths included with the instrument.

This optional performance upgrade was made available due to a growing number of requests by customers for other calibrated wavelengths.  While 1310nm and 1550nm are sufficient in most cases, users that are seeking to optimize laser transmitters at other specific wavelengths can now do so as a result of this enhancement.

FOS 1000A    FOS 1000A OMI Instrument - More Info

"We have successfully shipped several OMI meters to customers already that have requested additional wavelengths", says Gary Miller, Director of Engineering.  "Now that we have seen an increase in similar requests, it made sense for us to make this available to all FOS 1000A users.  As a result, users will receive even greater value when working with this unique instrument."

The FOS 1000A OMI meter is currently used by the top CATV operators and equipment manufacturers worldwide for effectively optimizing laser transmitter performance in a matter of minutes.  With it's ability to measure OMI automatically, it is proven to eliminate time consuming processes and expensive equipment typically required to achieve the same goal.

For pricing or to learn more about this and other FOS 1000A features, please contact M2 Optics or an official partner for more information.

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