Fiber Lab 800D/1600D Optical Fiber Testing Platforms Available

Posted by Kevin Miller on Mon, Oct 3, 2011 @ 10:10 AM

M2 Optics Inc. announced today the availability of both the Fiber Lab 800D and Fiber Lab 1600D testing platforms, further expanding their broad line of packaged optical fiber solutions.  Used by engineers and researchers requiring lengths of real optical fiber, they are intended for network simulation, latency, certification, demonstration, and other related communications testing applications.

Fiber Lab 1600D   Fiber Lab 1600D

Similar to other platforms in this series, the Fiber Lab 800D/1600D solutions are portable, stable, and professional testing platforms that enable users to achieve consistent test results while protecting their fiber from common, accidental damage.  Designed specifically to fit standard fiber spools from Draka® (M2 also offers platforms for spools from other major fiber suppliers), users can request any length up to 50km from a variety of fiber types.

“By expanding our Fiber Lab series in this manner, customers requiring new fiber from M2 Optics now have the option to utilize fiber from Draka®, another well-recognized and leading supplier”, states Kevin Miller, VP Marketing & Sales.  “As with all Fiber Lab products, we build these to each customer’s exact specifications, making them the ideal solution for anyone using test fiber.”

Both platforms are manufactured and shipped from the United States, available directly from M2 Optics or a regional partner.  In addition to the complete assembly, customers also have the option of purchasing the enclosure only if they already own existing Draka® or similar spools.

For more information, contact M2 Optics at (866) 269-2902 or visit their website at

Topics: optical fiber, network simulation, latency